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The 25 Best Thanksgiving Recipes on Family Kitchen

Sometimes you just want a round-up of the best recipes we have on hand for Thanksgiving. I mean, there are tons of recipes on Family Kitchen, but which ones are really the best? I’ve rounded up some of the best Thanksgiving recipes for you to leaf through. If you need more just let us know. [...]

Easy Thanksgiving Recipe: Roasted Green Beans with Shallots and Almonds

A couple of years ago I hosted my family over for Thanksgiving in our home. Normally, we are at my mom’s or grandma’s house for Thanksgiving, but that year I decided I wanted to take on the hosting duties. I love creating menus and cooking meals in my kitchen so although it can be overwhelming [...]

“Eat, Fry, Love” – a Turkey Fryer Fire Cautionary Tale

Frying turkey has been all the rage over the past few years – but what was once a new and trendy way to cook your bird has become a reason for more visits to the emergency room on the busiest weekend of the year for hospitals. Think about it – lowering a whole turkey, potentially [...]

7 Mug Recipes: Cheers to Regis Philbin’s Last Day on Live!

Today is Regis Philbin’s last day — and all too quickly we are cheers-ing goodbye to his run on the beloved morning show fondly known as Live! It seems only fitting that we all grab our coffee mugs and salute Regis with a robust breakfast cheers! Recently Regis said this to NPR of his usual [...]

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