VBAC Education: “Better Birth”?

Deep breath here… My son was a c-section. Full disclosure, he was a scheduled c-section. And regardless of where you stand on c-sections, vaginal births, unmedicated births, or in between all of those, at the end of the day, I came home with a healthy baby boy. Yay for babies! With the onset of this [...]

Men vs Women: Who is Responsible for Birth Control?

When my husband and I first needed a contraceptive, there was never a discussion on which method was the best for us.  I asked my doctor for birth control pills, started taking them and it was never an issue. Shortly after our first wedding anniversary, I noticed I hadn’t started my period when I was [...]

Getting Pregnant After 35

I mentioned a while back that I want to have a third baby. Considering Henry is just 8 months I asked your advice on when the best time is to get pregnant again. The dilemma is that although Henry is just 8 months and my body feels like it’s still recovering from that pregnancy, I’ll be [...]

Men Have Ticking Biological Clocks As Well

There’s been a lot of press lately about lower fertility rates for women in their 30′s but a new study released a week ago focuses on the fertility levels for men. And it turns out that men may want to pay attention to their biological clocks as well! Dr William Schoolcraft of the Colorado Center [...]

Why I Won’t Ever Schedule a C-Section

When I was first diagnosed with my brain condition in 2006, I was told I’ve never be able to deliver a baby naturally. The concern was that the force of pushing would put way too much pressure on my brain and increase the risk of more of my brain herniating. And well, that’s pretty much [...]

7 Most Awkward Baby Shower Games

As a mom-to-be, you’re going to need a lot of stuff. You also probably want to celebrate this crazy new time in your life — and teach your unborn little one the proper way to get down with family and friends right from the start. Hence, the baby shower. But somewhere along the way, oohing [...]

Bar Keepers Friend review and giveaway

Remember when I told you about the

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