Joanna Gaines on How Childhood Bullying Rocked Her Confidence — and Shaped Her Parenting

Anyone who has watched Joanna Gaines on the wildly popular HGTV series Fixer Upper that she stars in with her husband, Chip, can’t help but notice the natural confidence she exudes as she beautifies all that’s around her.

But according to Gaines, that confidence did not come easily.

You’ve Gotta See This Incredible 2-Year-Old Recite Names of Leaders for Black History Month

For a lot of us, attempting any kind of pop quiz on U.S. history might be pretty tough. But 2-year-old Serenity Moore can already recite the names of 15 African-American leaders past and present … basically running circles around most adults!

Dad of Parkland Victim Makes Plea for Change: “I’m Here Because My Daughter Has No Voice”

The devastating news that there was yet another deadly school shooting last Wednesday hit me in my chest and took the breath right out of me. Seventeen young and vibrant lives were senselessly lost at the hands of a monster who should not have had access to a gun.

Mom Captures the Agony of Postpartum Depression with One Single Photograph

When Tori Block scrolls through old photos on her phone, one image always stops her.

It’s a memory that often manages to stir up feelings in the California mom, and this time was no different. In it, Block sits nursing her son while experiencing an agonizing emotional breakdown. The moment has served as a moving reminder of how far she’s come in her battle with postpartum depression.

10 Reasons Why I’m Taking My Biracial Daughter to See ‘Black Panther’ Again (And Again)

Editor’s Note: Babble and Marvel are both a part of The Walt Disney Company.

How the Winter Games Brought This Pro Skier’s Divorced Parents Together in the Best Way

“I’m a divorced woman with three kids” is literally a sentence I never thought I’d say.

Husband’s Heartfelt Sketches Capture the Everyday Moments of Love, Marriage, and Parenthood

In my past life, before marriage and house and kids, I was a studio artist. I spent countless hours drawing self-portraits and still life, imaginative landscapes, and plans for paintings and sculptures.

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