An Ode To a Single Pair of Shorts

August first is just a few days away. The month which to many marks the final third of summer. How did that happen? Furthermore, how did I get this far with just a single pair of maternity shorts in my possession? Yes, ONE pair of shorts. Ohio dealt with day after day of record breaking [...]

Winner: Pink Pad Pro

I am so excited to share with you who won the Pink Pad Pro giveaway. I have pages of apps on my iPhone that I have totally forgotten about because they’ve lost their appeal. But, I use my Pink Pad Pro every day. And now these lucky winners can too! Follow me after the jump [...]

What Being Healthy Has Meant to Me During Pregnancy

When I got pregnant the last two times, I wasn’t that healthy.  Especially the first time.  I didn’t eat well, I was a bit overweight, and so on.  My experience with pregnancy this time, when I’ve been much healthier, has been entirely different.  And it’s pretty cool to note that some things I simply thought [...]

My Favorite Maternity Shoot

I’m not sure where I stand on maternity shoots. On one hand they can be tasteful and it might be nice to have a professional capture that moment in my life. On the other hand, they can be horribly cheesy and I might not want to remember my bloated self. This shoot of the Wilson [...]

Pear, Ginger & White Chocolate Chunk Scones

I love being able to whip up a batch of scones on a whim. On sunny summer mornings, there’s nothing better than a warm batch of fresh scones to nibble outside with coffee or tea. Pear, ginger and white chocolate is one of my favorite combinations – try berries in season in place of the [...]

Enchanted Sushi Roll-ups

I’ve got another special guest poster today, Barbara Beery. Barbara is the author of 11 children’s cookbooks that include three best-selling cookbooks that have sold over 300,000 copies. Some of her amazing kid’s cookbooks are: Pink Princess Cookbook, Mermaids Cookbook, Pink Princess Cookbook, The Texas Longhorns Cookbook, Pink Princess Spa Cookbook, Green Princess Cookbook and [...]

Mixed Berry Galette

Galettes are an easygoing summer dessert that’s perfect when you have some fruit that needs to be eaten immediately. Easy to make, and totally forgiving, it’s hard to get this simple dessert wrong. I adore the simple flavors and flaky crust–perfect for a relaxed summer evening with friends.   I used a mixture of berries [...]

Summer Eating Checklist: 7 Must-Eat Items!

Summertime is a season filled with fun and delicious food options. And to make sure you’ve dove fork-first (or straw or spoon) into all summer has to offer – here is my Summer Eats Checklist, featuring seven must-eat items for summer. How many can you check off this summer? And what summertime food rituals did [...]

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