Sherry of City Chic on a Farm

Sherry, of City Chic on a Farm, with her sons.

Cheri of Feminine Wiles

Cheri, of Feminine Wiles, with her family.

Rheanna of The Bristol Project

Rheanna, of The Bristol Project, with her family.

Mostly Sunny

Angela provides inspiration to other parents as she blogs about life with her family. Mostly Sunny is updated about once a week.

Arianne of To Think Is To Create

Arianne, of To Think Is To Create, with her family.

Various Ideas for a Northeast Family Vacation

Travelers to Connecticut will have a hard time choosing which places they want to go. The family will want to go everywhere. Find your next Connecticut attraction to visit.

Woman Takes (And Finishes) Bar Exam While In Active Labor

Wow: A pregnant woman went into active labor during the Illinois Bar Exam, labored throughout, finished the exam walked across the street to the hospital and gave birth two hours later.   “A friend of mine went into labor while taking the Illinois bar exam,” someone told Above The Law. “She calmly finished, went to [...]

Farewell to Babble

Well, it’s certainly been an interesting, and busy, few months! But now my time at Babble has come to an end.  I’m anticipating the birth of my third baby anyday now, I’m planning to start homeschooling my older kids this fall, I’m working to build my personal blog some more….  Something had to go, and [...]

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