Real Food Fast: Macaroni Carbonara

Cold fall days make me crave pasta, and warm mac & cheese and bacon carbonara are two creamy, hearty favourites. It occurred to me recently I could meld the two into one bacony, cheesy, creamy bowl of deliciousness. Macaroni carbonara is easier to make than mac & cheese – simply cook and crumble bacon, and [...]

15 Recipes You Can Make with a Box of Jiffy

As much as I try to fight prepackaged foods, I’m here and now admitting a weakness for a box of Jiffy baking mix. Whether it’s the biscuits, brownies, cakes, or muffins, those little blue boxes of Jiffy mixes are irresistible. For one thing, they’re cheap. I can usually pick up a box for less that 75 [...]

Pregnant Woman Craves (and Eats!) Roadkill

Apparently, it’s the gamey taste that’s so enticing. According to this local paper, Alison Breirley, an artist and taxidermist living in North Yorkshire in the UK, has developed a bizarre craving for fresh roadkill during her pregnancy. Since she’s already in the habit of scouting for these strewn about, recently diseased forest animals, her craving [...]

Fertility, Pregnancy and Labor Deities

When my husband and I made the decision to start growing our family we didn’t anticipate that we were going to struggle. Although it seemed we didn’t have any trouble getting pregnant – we seemed to be quite fertile – but had trouble holding on to our pregnancies to make it to term. After our [...]

Show Us Your Bump & Win The Business Of Being Born DVDs, $100 Giggle Gift Card and More!

Today Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein, the team behind the influential documentary, “The Business of Being Born,” are launching 4 new educational DVDs, “MORE: Business of Being Born.” Together, these videos cover a huge range of topics from whether to hire a doula to choices in birth locations and practitioners, to VBACs and celebrity births [...]

MORE Business of Being Born: An Interview With Ricki Lake [video]

I managed to snag an interview with Ricki Lake who, along with partner Abby Epstein, has just released today, four new educational videos, “MORE: The Business Of Being Born.” These videos–available to download or purchase in DVD format– comprise a follow-up to their influential and provocative documentary, “The Business Of Being Born.”* In my childbirth [...]

Mimijumi Provides Transition from Breast to Bottle

The mimijumi’s “Very Hungry” baby bottle series aims to provide a successful transition from breast to bottle for your little one. With this bottle quite literally being breast-like in appearance, babies are less likely to have issues transitioning, especially if you have a baby who is picky about their bottles. An aid to prolonged breast [...]

My Fern-Themed Baby Shower

This weekend my beautiful friends hosted my first baby shower for me and it was beyond lovely. My favorite thing about it was that it didn’t really look like a “baby shower”.  It just looked like a pretty party.  It was simple and sweet with a lot of thoughtful DIY details that were just my [...]

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