Details on Iowa's 2014 Sales Tax Holiday

Iowa's 2014 sales tax holiday helps you save money before the kids go back to school. Print a list of eligible items to take with you as you shop.

Details on Oklahoma's 2014 Sales Tax Holiday

The 2014 Oklahoma sales tax holiday gets the kids back to school without breaking your budget. Print a list of exempt items for your shopping trip.

Details on Connecticut's 2014 Sales Tax Holiday

For 2014, Connecticut's sales tax holiday runs one week for back-to-school savings. Find out what's exempt from sales tax during the tax free week.

Details on Maryland's 2014 Sales Tax Holiday

The 2014 Maryland sales tax holiday for back-to-school shoppers is quickly approaching. Find out the dates and which items are tax free.

Should You Quit Your Job to Become a Stay-at-Ho...

Thinking about making the change from working mom to stay-at-home mom? Before you quit your job, see if being a SAHM is right for your family.

Details on Virginia's 2014 Sales Tax Holiday

The 2014 Virginia sales tax holiday for back-to-school shopping covers a variety of items. Find out what's tax exempt and what's not with this list.

Details on New Mexico's 2015 Sales Tax Holiday

The 2015 New Mexico sales tax holiday includes many types of items for back-to-school shoppers. Find out which of your purchases are eligible.

2015's List of States Participating in Sales...

Sales tax holidays can save you money on everything from computers to socks. See which states are participating and print a list of eligible items.

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