Nutella Pie Pops

Pie pops are the new cake pops. They’re simple to make using rolled-out rounds of pastry dough (make it from scratch or start with frozen puff) filled with practically anything. A quick brush with beaten egg and sprinkle of coarse sugar is enough — there’s no need for icing or elaborate decoration. Pie pops are [...]

Candy Bar Lava Cake

There’s been a down-and-out craving for lava cakes around our house lately. For one thing, you can never really get enough of those chocolate-y, gooey lava cakes. For another thing they are splendidly simple to make, taste like a dream, and take just a few basic ingredients. Add a candy bar to the middle of these [...]

Surprise Veggies and Fruit of the Week!

Look at my loot!!! Last week I signed up for the local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). It’s kind of like buying a share in a farm. Each week you get a seasonal box of locally grown veggies and fruit. I signed up so I don’t have to feel guilty about missing the farmers market and [...]

Turkey Challenge: Stuffing Crusted Turkey Cutlets

A crispy way to enjoy turkey, with the “stuffing” on the outside instead of inside. These turkey breasts are coated in mayonnaise to lock in their moisture and then covered in bread crumbs and fried on the stove top until crisp. The result is a moist piece of turkey with a bit of crunch for [...]

10 Adorable Baby Bonnets

I’ve got thing for babies in bonnets. Since the classic hat has been a baby staple for a couple hundred years (at least), I know I’m not the only one. Now that I’m having a girl, I’ve got a nice little stash of bonnets built up. I have to say, though, that I wish it [...]

Top 10 Worst Maternity Outfits

Maternity fashion has come a long way in recent years. No longer are moms-to-be relegated to the dowdy section of department stores — today’s designers look at trends on the runway and apply them to the pregnant body so that women can bump up their style, quite literally. That said, some designers take their creativity [...]

(Maternity) Pillow Talk

I could use a new maternity pillow. The one I had when I was pregnant with Jackson (that I still totally sleep with) is a bit… worn. And that’s putting it VERY nicely. I like a good pillow. A nice combination of both fluff and support to rest my head upon is ideal. So, it [...]

11 Incredible Breastfeeding Images in Ancient Art

I am a big advocate for breastfeeding and normalizing the images of breastfeeding is something I feel very strongly about. When I was first pregnant and thinking about breastfeeding vs bottle feeding I came to realize that I had not seen anyone breastfeed. I didn’t hear anyone talking about it and certainly didn’t see any images in [...]

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