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Is Performing Your Own Abortion the Latest Trend?

We’ve all seen the crazy fashion trends and diet trends, but a DIY abortion as an upcoming trend is probably the most outlandish and disturbing thing I have ever heard of. While DIY herbal abortions haven’t taken the country by storm just yet, they are quite common in certain parts of the country including the [...]

How a Body Pillow Saved My Sleep

I have written before about the early onset of tailbone pain that has been plaguing me for several weeks now. While that seems to wax and wane depending upon how many hours I spend sitting each day (hint: planes are my personal hell), I have a new, painful nemesis. My hips. I can’t pinpoint when [...]

My Pregnancy: 15 Week Update

Want to know something crazy?  This week, the baby is longer than an iPhone, if you include the little legs!  WHERE IS BABY HIDING?  An iPhone seems ginormous. I have this weird theory about my insides… I don’t like to think of myself as having organs. I prefer to think of myself as a steak.  [...]

Pregnancy Lesson #327

I’ve learned a great many lessons during pregnancy… *Don’t eat lunch meat, soft serve ice cream or anything else you once enjoyed. *Always carry a snack – pregnancy hunger knows no bounds. *Invest in comfortable shoes – your feet will thank you. *Sometimes you’re going to flip out on people (mainly your husband) for no [...]

Get Into the Spirit with Christmas-Inspired Belly Bumps

Pregnancy brings a lot of magic into life – a truly special time. Another time that fills the air with magic is Christmas – but lucky us that comes once a year. If you are pregnant at Christmas you get the best of two worlds! Being able to eat all those treats and turkey without [...]

3 Rules of Postpartum Dressing

Henry was born 10 months ago today and I’m still wearing maternity clothes. Not because I need to, meaning not because I’m still fat, but because I haven’t really gone out and bought new clothes. Which, according to the Cardigan Empire I am breaking the very first rule of postpartum dressing. Do not wear maternity [...]

24 Weeks + Horizontal Stripes

And the bump keeps growing. I’ve decided to embrace it hence the horizontal stripes and glitter belt. I wonder what Stacy and Clinton would say. Do you see how high I’m carrying? I’m concerned for the welfare of my ribs. Baby Blodgett loves to wake me up in the morning with crazy kicks and jabs [...]

14 Christmas Eve Bedtime Snacks to Snooze Over

Can you feel the anticipation building? Christmas Eve is just a day away! Excited kids eager to see what Santa has brought for them this year will lay awake, wide-eyed and giddy as they try to fall asleep. Kiddie insomnia. This year, help your excited little ones fall fast asleep on the night before Christmas [...]

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