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Letters to Santa – Day Five

“Dear Santa please bring me a doll and two story books and a little set of dishes a table a little skillet and som

Ultimate wrapping job!

These guys are your standard fun loving, surfer, just wanna have fun guys. Check out what they did with a few rolls of wrapping paper. Hopefully they bought that with coupons!

Snowman Treats~ made out of donuts

$25 Restaurant gift cards for a buck!

Restaurant.com has an excellent promotion going on right now thru Dec 24.

Santa Uses iPhone, Plus Siri Answers “Does Santa Claus Exist?” (Video)

A busy guy like Santa could definitely use a personal assistant to help him get his massive once a year job done — why not iPhone’s Siri? In a clever new Apple ad, we see Santa calling upon Siri to get directions to his next delivery, checking the weather in a variety of cities, finding [...]

Grandma’s Muffin on Christmas Morning? Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter!

Not since Betty White’s tremendous muffin made a sensual splash on the “Delicious Dish” on Saturday Night Live, have there been baked treats with more raw, animal sex appeal. Try spicing up your breakfast on Christmas morning with these tasty morsels from Grandma’s pantry. Just make sure the kids aren’t around. These naughty goodies from [...]

Funny Kid Video: Boy Yanks Tooth with Nerf Big Bow Gun (Video)

This is sick. But in the best possible way. Watch as this brave kid yanks his tooth out – with the use of a Nerf big bow gun (video)! It’s pretty awesome, really. He ties his tooth with a string, then attaches it to the dart of the nerf gun, asks if it’ll hurt… then [...]

A Puppy For Christmas? Why Not? (Video)

Would you look at that face?  Santa brought him.  Two years ago.  At the time, I hated Santa.  Cursed him. Went to bed at night calling him all kinds of names.  Watched for any glimpses of eight tiny reindeer as I was standing in the cold freezing my tail off, trying to teach this tiny [...]

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