Am I in Labour or What?!

Today I’m 39 weeks pregnant. And I am not sure if I am in active labour or ‘pre-labour’. How is it that I can forget what a real contraction feels like? To really know if I am in labour or not? Apparently I’m not the only woman who suffers from this lapse in memory. In [...]

Congratulations Kim Sukapdjo — Readers’ Pick for Best Bump!

Congratulations to Babble reader Kim Sukapdjo for winning the readers choice for her decorated baby bump. She won with 223 likes! We just love the symbolism, creativity, and talent that was put into this decoration. Kim will be receiving a prize back from Giggle that includes: • Better Basics Bottle Holder • Mini-Changing Pad System • Pacifier [...]

Baby No. 6 is Born to Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill is no stranger to drama. She announced her pregnancy from the stage of her concert in Detroit’s Chene Park, telling the crowd, “I’m going to be taking time off to give birth.” Of course in a form-fitting striped dress, it wasn’t exactly a secret at that point. And when she gave birth to [...]

Surprise! It’s A ….

One of the first things I ask when someone announces their pregnancy is whether or not they’re finding out the gender. I’m one of those people who loves surprises but I don’t think I could wait the entire nine months without knowing. I can barely stand looking at my wrapped birthday presents for more than [...]

The Third Trimester Bladder Blues

Apparently my bladder has not received the memo that the celebration isn’t to begin until the baby is actually born next month. My bladder is partying now as if there’s a blue light special on Charmin and Cottonelle. How else to explain the twice an hour that it commands me to pee? That’s twice an [...]

10 Cute Pregnancy Photo Ideas

There are so many ways you can photograph your growing belly — from pretty posed shots to totally bizarre choices. But if you’re looking to get a little creative beyond the topless shots and weekly silhouettes, here are 10 cute ideas to replicate yourself: 1. Carolee Beckham Photography; 3. Julie Harris Photography; 4. Heather Mosher; [...]

Put a Little ROAR in Your Nursery (25 Ideas!)

For both little boys and girls, there’s nothing I like more than seeing an animal or two in a child’s room—and not just the human kind. Kids love creatures, too. Right now my two-year-old’s best friends are his beloved owl as well as his monkey, elephant, “Ribbit,” and “Ribbit, Jr.” Today I found him serving [...]

Are You Afraid To Let Your Husband Watch The Baby Come Out?

I’m a pretty modest gal.  I don’t generally display a lot of cleavage, I’m not really into super revealing clothing but that’s probably more because I’m getting older and worried about muffin top than morality. But when the birth of my first child drew near, I began instructing my husband on exactly where I wanted [...]

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