Parents Lose Custody of Obese Son

Officials call his mother’s inability to reduce his weight medical neglect and placed an Ohio third grader in foster care. As the Huffington Post reports, the boy weighs more than 200 pounds because his mom wasn’t doing enough to control his weight. However, lawyers for his mom say his medical problems do not yet pose [...]

15 Christmas Toys You’d Better Not Buy My Kids

There’s nothing wrong with any of these toys. I just don’t want them in my house. I don’t speak for all moms and certainly not for my kids, who would gladly take any or all of them.  It’s just that I’ve sort of had it with toys that are noisy, violent or intentionally annoying. For [...]

Thomas the Train Cyber Monday deals

Thomas the T

Albertsons spend $50 get back $5 Gift Card promo

If you missed out on last weeks Giftcard Promo at Albertsons…. well then I have great news.

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