Chrissy Teigen Announces Pregnancy with the Help of Baby Luna: “It’s John’s!”

“It’s John’s!” reads the subtle (and hilarious) caption of Chrissy Teigen’s latest Instagram video, in which she spills some VERY exciting news:

Mom Offers Gentle Reminder to Parents Everywhere: “Nothing Is Guaranteed”

As a mother, how many times have you waved your child off and said, “Oh, we’ll do that later” or thought to yourself, Someday, we’ll do that thing my kids keep asking me to do?

Heck, just this morning I said those very things to my children probably five times, just trying to make it through the first morning of Thanksgiving break.

To the Person Who Told Me My Chronic Illness Is “All in My Head”

To the Person Who Told Me My Chronic Illness Is ‘All in My Head‘” originally appeared on The Mighty, and was reprinted with permission.

Woman’s Rant About Putting Up Christmas Lights Before Thanksgiving Goes Viral

One of my favorite guilty pleasures on the Internet is the Facebook page I Ain’t Doin It by comedienne and blogger, Heather Land. She is widely known for quick and witty videos in which she gives hot takes on popular opinions (here’s looking at you, CrossFit check-ins!).

Towel warmer and drying rack

Towel warmer and drying rack

No more cold, wet towels when you have a Towel warmer and drying rack in your bathroom. Get out of the shower and stay warm in a cozy towel. Can be mounted or freestanding too.

Matthew McConaughey Handed Out Free Turkeys to a Whole Town, and OMG We Wish We Lived There

I could probably watch Matthew McConaughey try to sell me anything at this point and still thoroughly enjoy myself. He can try and get me to buy a Lincoln. He can model all the Dolce and Gabbana he wants. And he can even interest me in a Thanksgiving turkey, despite my being a vegetarian.

I know this, because I just spent five minutes of my life doing that very thing.

Woman’s Genius Hack for Smuggling Snacks into the Movies Has the Internet Bowing at Her Feet

It’s nearly impossible to go to a movie these days and not immediately crave a snack once you pass the concession stand. The rows upon rows of delicious candies; the mouthwatering aroma of buttered popcorn, which basically wafts out of the building and calls your name from the parking lot … it’s all so damn tempting.

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